Know Booze, Know Peace

A  truth for our time.

We live in an insane time. There is no arguing this, the last American presidential election is empirical proof. But this is not a complaint about Donald Trump, for The Bastard Trump™ is not the disease, he’s only a symptom.

We live in an age where a Nobel Peace Prize winner fomented colonial wars in the third world that created the greatest refugee crisis in 70 years. A self proclaimed liberal that supported right wing coups around the world, helped the world’s most repressive regime crush a pro-democracy uprising in another country and aided them in committing genocide in a third country.

We live in a time when the self-proclaimed liberal party ran on a platform of war and corporate welfare, and has run off the rails post-election with cries to reboot the Cold War. With a “pro-woman” standard bearer promising unlimited support for extreme right wing dictatorships where women are virtual chattel slaves. A “pro-LGBT” candidate that supported regimes where we LGBT folk get beheaded.

We live in a time when our press is citing serial perjurer James Clapper as a credible witness. We live in a time when the press is presenting a war criminal who began the conflicts that ultimately culminated in the present refugee crisis as a harmless old man that only wants what’s best for us.

Don’t even get us started on the whole Social Justice Warriors v. The Alt-Right phenomenon. Or the crazy parents trying to force their four year olds through sexual re-assignment. Or college students demanding coloring books and puppies to comfort them.

All of these are not the disease, they are only the symptoms of something darker and more sinister. The world has gone batshit crazy. The reality is that we’re living in a Lovecraftian horror, only without the alien monsters. There is only us. In times like these there’s only one answer. And one political party looking out for our sanity. It’s the time of the Cocktail Party. Because in a world this crazy, humor and alcohol are the only rational answers. Either that or the crawling chaos of Cthulhean insanity. But we prefer laughter over our drinks, because that keeps the madness at bay.


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